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High-performance quality copper tubes

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Silmet Spa, one of the major Italian operators in the metallurgical industry and part of the Ghidini group, was founded in 1973 and specialises in the production of copper tubes for the industrial, building, plumbing and medical sectors.


Silmet is a world leader in the production of copper tubes and Level Wound Coils for water, heating and sanitary applications and industrial use. The company produces a wide range of products: brass and plastic traps for the plumbing sector, brass tubes and rods for various industrial applications, copper plates, wires for use in the building and electrical sectors and copper tubes for medical applications.

Production plants

The group's factories are on the cutting-edge of technology and make it possible to adapt production based on customers’ specific requirements, in accordance with all manufacturing standards worldwide. Plants are equipped with blast furnaces, large extrusion presses, powerful draw-plates and very modern annealing and metal normalizing furnaces.