The Silmet ASTM product line is available in the most common types: K, L, M AND DWV.


The Silmet ASTM product line is able to satisfy all the requirements for the hydraulic/plumbing supply and for DWV applications.


All phases of the production process, starting from acceptance of raw materials, are subject to very severe sampling and control plans aimed at guaranteeing that the end products achieve very high-quality standards.

The tubes that meet these standards can be supplied in any of several tempers:

O50 : Light Annealed
O60: Soft Annealed
H55: Light Drawn
H58: Drawn
H80: Hard Drawn
and in coils and straight lengths, in lengths recommended in the standards and / or requested by the customer.

Packingin cardboard boxes on wooden pallet
Indicative weight500 kg
Cardboard box of40 cm x 40 cm x 20 mm (W x L x H)
60 cm x 60 cm x 20 mm (W x L x H)
PackingStraight lengths in bundles and protected with plastic film
Indicative weight500 kg

Usage and Directives

The tubes that meet these standards can be supplied in any of several tempers:

ASTM B75: Suitable for general engineering applications.
ASTM B88: Water Tube.
ASTM B280: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service.
ASTM B819: Medical Gas Systems.
ASTM B837: Natural gas and liquefied petroleum (lp) gas fuel distribution system.

Download technical sheets

Technical sheets

Atomic number29
Atomic weight2,6625
Crystalline structurecubic with faces centred with the side of the cube 3,6078 Å
Melting temperature1083° C
Boiling temperature2595° C
Density at 20° C8,94 g/cm 3
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion at 20° C0,0000165 · K-1
Solidification shrinkage4,92%
Specific heat at 20° C385 J/kg K
Latent smelting heat205 kj/kg
Thermal conductivity at 20° C391 W/m K
Electric resistivity at 20° C annealed physical state0,017241 Ω mm2/m
Electric resistivity temperature coefficient at 20° C0,00393 • K-1
Alloy for the production of ASTM Copper TubesC12200 (Cu-DHP) (Cu = 99.90% min. - P = 0.015 ÷ 0.040%)