All Silmet copper tubes in Level Wound Coils for industrial use and ACR are produced in compliance with international standards and with the specific requirements of customers. Particular attention is paid to dimensional uniformity, uniformity of the physical state, the absence of faults and internal cleanliness of the copper tubes.


The length, weight, number of faults present, dimensions and all references aimed at guaranteeing the traceability of the product with regard to laboratory tests carried out in compliance with stringent sampling and control plans implemented during production, are highlighted for each individual coil.
The internal cleanliness of the copper tubes is considerably above the limit of 0.038 g/m2.

The Silmet Quality System is certified in compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard; the Quality Service is assigned to highly qualified, constantly updated personnel whose functions are independent from production departments; they use the most sophisticated laboratory and production control equipment


All phases of the production process, starting from acceptance of raw materials, are subject to very severe sampling and control plans aimed at guaranteeing that the end products achieve very high quality standards.

Silmet has always been aware of the needs of the market and is constantly up-to-date technologically.
With all these things in mind, in order to help its customers with the growing trend in production automation and to be able to satisfy their requirements, Silmet is equipped with cutting-edge LWC copper tube production plants.


Silmet S.p.A. has been manufacturing copper tubes for usage in plumbing, heating, sanitary and industrial applications since 1973. Over recent years, thanks to its excellent conductivity, machinability, resistance to corrosion and user-friendliness, the copper tube has made a name for itself as the ideal product for air-conditioning/refrigeration equipment, for the heating industry and for the production of heat exchangers.

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Technical sheets

Atomic number29
Atomic weight2,6625
Crystalline structurecubic with faces centred with the side of the cube 3.6078 Å
Smelting temperature1083° C
Boiling temperature2595° C
Volumic mass (density) at 20° C8,94 g/cm3
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion at 20° C0,0000165 · K-1
Solidification shrinkage4,92%
Specific heat at 20° C385 J/kg K
Latent smelting heat205 kj/kg
Thermal conductivity at 20° C391 W/m K
Electric resistivity at 20° C annealed physical state0,017241 Ω mm2/m
Electric resistivity temperature coefficient at 20° C0,00393 · K-1
Alloy for the production of LWCCu-DHP o CW024A (Cu = 99,90% min. - P = 0,015 ÷ 0,040%)
material conditionthicknesstensile strength0,2% proof strengthelongationaverage grain sizehardness
EN 12449
EN 12451
EN 12735-2
Y035≥ 0,6 mm2103580403060----
nominal outside diameter
tolerances on nominal diameter
overup to
adn included
tolerances on mean nominal outside diameterapplicable to any diameter including deviation from circular form
EN 12449
36± 0,06 mm± 0,30 mm
610± 0,06 mm± 0,50 mm
1020± 0,08 mm± 0,70 mm
2030± 0,12 mm± 0,090 mm
EN 12451
614-0 -0,12
1426-0 -0,20
EN 12735-2tolerances on mean nominal outside diameter
wt ≤ 0,4 mmwt > 0,4 mm
613± 0,04 mm± 0,04 mm
1316± 0,05 mm± 0,04 mm
1628-± 0,05 mm
EN 12735-2maximum deviation from circular form
nominal wall thicknessfor Ø from 6Ø over 9,8Ø over 13Ø over 16Ø over 22
overup toup to 9,8up to 13up to 16up to 22up to 67
-0,414,00%5,00%7,00%by agreement between the purchaser and the supplier
nominal outside diameter
tolerance on nominal wall thickness t
overup to
and included
t from 0,3 mm up to and included 1 mmt over 1 mm up to and included 3 mm
EN 12449
328± 15%± 13%
EN 12451all wall ticknesses
all diameters± 10%
EN 12735-2
tolerancesnominal outside diameternominal wall thickness e
dfrom 0,25 up to and included 0,3over 0,3 up to and included 0,35over 0,35 up to and included 0,4over 0,4 up to and included 0,5over 0,5 up to and included 0,63over 0,63 up to and included 0,8over 0,8 up to and included 1,5over 1,5 up to and included 3
overup to and included
maximum permissible deviation at any pointa6133± 0,025± 0,03± 0,03± 0,04± 0,05± 0,06± 8&b± 15%b
tolerances on mean wall thickness69,52± 0,01± 0,01± 0,01± 0,015± 0,02± 0,02--
9,5213-± 0,01± 0,01± 0,015± 0,02± 0,02--
1316--± 0,01± 0,015± 0,02± 0,02--
1622-----± 0,02± 0,05-
2240-----± 0,02± 0,05-

a including deviation from concentricity.

b value in percentage of nominal thickness.